Q: Is there a minimum purchase price to shop online?

A: No, there is not. However, you must purchase at least $500.00 worth of goods in order to avoid a flat-rate shipping charge of $75.00.

Q: What is your Fill Rate(Sale Rate) to my customer?

A: Our Fill Rate is 98%. With our Hyde’s Advantage there are no minimums, only a minimum prepaid combined price for all products.

Q: How do I take my product to market?

A: Through trade shows, product introductions, promotions, flyers, outdoor ads, in conjunction with manufacturer sell sheets, spiffs, and more, Hyde’s will get your brand out to the public.

Q: How do I promote my product?

A: On your behalf we attend trade shows, visit wholesalers, design ads, employ telesales and travelling brand representatives, as well as offer incentives to our sales team to drive brand awareness.

Q: What territory do you service?

A: Hyde’s serves all of Canada.

Q: What is the minimum prepaid shipment to a distributor?

A: $1500 prepaid combined purchase including all products we sell.

Q: What is your average lead time?

A: A maximum of 7 days to anywhere in Canada.